Frequency asked questions

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What are green-lipped mussels?

Green-lipped mussels, scientifically known as Perna canaliculus, are a type of shellfish native to the coastal waters of New Zealand. They are named for the distinctive green edges on their shells. These mussels have gained attention for their potential health benefits and are commonly used as a dietary supplement.

Green-lipped mussels are a rich source of various nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, minerals (such as iron, zinc, and selenium), vitamins (such as vitamin E and vitamin B12), and amino acids. They are particularly known for their high content of unique fatty acids called eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which are omega-3 fatty acids with potential to support natural joint helth.

Green-lipped mussel supplements are often marketed as natural remedies supporting natural joint health. Some research suggests that the combination of omega-3 fatty acids and other bioactive compounds present in green-lipped mussels may help support joint comfort and function.

Where do your raw ingredients come from?

Wherever possible we aim to source ingredients as locally and sustainably as possible. Lifespan is a vertically integrated company and we have evolved our own secure supply chains. Many of our products, such as green-lipped mussels, come from our own farms in the clean, clear waters of New Zealand's Marlborough Sounds.

Can I take marine extracted supplements if I am allergic to fish or shellfish?

It's important to note that while marine derived supplements such as green-lipped mussels are generally considered safe for consumption, individuals with shellfish allergies should exercise caution and consult with a healthcare professional before using green-lipped mussel supplements. If you are at all unsure, always consult your healthcare professional before taking any supplements.

How is your business sustainable?

At Lifespan we prioritise environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and long-term economic viability for all of our processes and products. We integrate sustainable practices throughout our operations, supply chains, and interactions with stakeholders. We strive to minimise our environmental impact by adopting eco-friendly practices, conserving resources and reducing waste. We recognise the economic benefits of sustainable practices, aiming for profitability while considering long-term sustainability. By addressing environmental, social, and economic aspects, Lifespan aims to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future for society and the planet.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our customer's want environmentally friendly products and this sits well with our ethos for having a sustainable business. At Lifespan we endeavour to ensure that all of our packaging is able to be recycled. Our boxes are made with enviro-friendly sourced paper stocks and our bottles are either glass based or made from HDPE type 2 plastic which is one of the easiest plastics to recycle. Recyclable packaging offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it helps reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, promoting a more sustainable approach to waste management. By recycling our packaging materials such as paper, glass, cardboard and plastics, valuable resources can be recovered and reused in the manufacturing process, conserving energy and reducing the need for virgin materials. Secondly, recyclable packaging reduces environmental impacts associated with the production of new packaging materials, including greenhouse gas emissions and depletion of natural resources. All this contributes to the circular economy by closing the loop and creating a system where materials can be recycled and reprocessed into new products. This promotes resource efficiency, reduces dependence on raw materials, and mitigates environmental pollution.

I haven’t received my order?

Our orders are processed from Monday to Friday during working hours with orders placed after 1PM (NZST/UTC +12) processed the next working day (not including public holidays). 
When your order has left our warehouse, you will be updated throughout its journey. Please use the tracking link provided in the shipping email for the most up to date status of your order.

Shipping times differ by destination*:
—New Zealand within 5-7 business days
—Europe/USA and Rest of the World 15-20 business days

Please be advised that our business days are Monday to Friday (excluding NZ public holidays).

We currently do not offer express shipping for orders. Have more questions? Please reach out to us by clicking 'Contact Us’ via our website with your name and order reference please.

Do you make vegan capsules?

Some of our supplements use vegetable based capsules which are made from plant-based materials derived from cellulose and other vegetable sources. These capsules offer an alternative to traditional gelatin capsules, making them suitable for individuals following vegetarian or vegan diets. They are a convenient animal-free option for encapsulation of our high-grade products.

Something's wrong with my oder. What do I do?

We at Lifespan always strive to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with our product. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied, then please use the contact form on our website and outline what the issue is together with your order number. If the package is opened or damage in any way, it would help us if you could take photographs, so that we can take that up with our shipping partners. After we receive your email of our customer support team should then get back to you (1-2 business days, based on NZST) in order to resolve your issue as swiftly as possible.

Can I distribute/resell Lifespan products?

We have several agents globally who deal with distributing and selling our products into various markets globally. If you are interested in selling the Lifespan range of products, or a particular product, then please contact us and one of our marketing team will be happy to discuss this.