Green Lipped Mussel Oil Premium Supplements

Mussel Oil, renowned for being a potent joint-supporting oil, is a premium natural extract valued for its rich concentration of essential joint nutrients for human joint health.

Our Green Lipped Mussel Oil softgel capsules encapsulate the strength of the 
Green Lipped Mussel Oil Premium Supplements


Delivering a premium grade of GlycOmega™-Oil. This joint supplement is sourced directly from mussels cultivated with care on our sustainable farms in the idyllic Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand.

Lifespan's extraction process of GlycOmega™-Oil is refined and deliberate, employing low-temperature CO2 extraction techniques to ensure that the full spectrum of naturally occurring bioactive compounds is meticulously preserved and enhanced for optimal benefit.

The result of this process is a potent blend of health-promoting essential fatty acids, distinctive to the Green Lipped Mussel.

These capsules are adept at providing support for the well-being of joints and cartilage, alongside fostering joint mobility and comfort.

Choosing Lifespan’s Green Lipped Mussel Oil softgel capsules means opting for a legacy of purity and innovation.

It reflects a commitment to excellence and sustainability, assuring that you receive a product that not only supports your health but also honors the health of our oceans.

FAQs: Green Lipped Mussel Oil Supplement

Which Joint Oil Supplement is Best for Joints?

Lifespan's Green Lipped Mussel Oil is the best joint oil supplement. Its effectiveness comes from its unique composition, particularly rich in omega-3 fatty acids, including the exclusive eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA). This rare omega-3 is highly effective in maintaining health inflammation levels.

Lifespan utilises a special cold extraction method, which is crucial for preserving the delicate structure of the omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA, DHA, and the rare ETA.

After the mussel flesh is extracted and freeze dried into a fine mussel powder, Lifespan employs a sophisticated supercritical CO2 extraction technique.

This state-of-the-art method uses carbon dioxide at high pressures to isolate the oil from the mussel flesh. One of the major advantages of this technique is its ability to extract the oil without using harsh chemical solvents, resulting in a product that is not only highly pure but also environmentally friendly.

The combination of cold extraction and supercritical CO2 extraction allows Lifespan to produce Green Lipped Mussel Oil that is rich in nutrients and free from contaminants. This process ensures that the oil contains a full spectrum of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and other bioactive compounds that are essential for joint health.

What is the Best Supplement to Lubricate Joints?

When it comes to lubricating joints, the best supplement is Lifespan's Green Lipped Mussel Oil.

This oil enhances joint lubrication, crucial for maintaining smooth and free joint movements. The omega-3 fatty acids in the oil, particularly EPA and DHA, contribute to the health of the joint's synovial fluid, which acts as a lubricant.

Regular intake of Lifespan's Green Lipped Mussel Oil supports healthy joint mobility.

What Natural Supplement is Good for Joint Health?

For natural joint health support, Lifespan's Green Lipped Mussel Oil is an excellent choice.

Its all-natural formulation is free from synthetic additives, focusing on the pure, beneficial properties of the green-lipped mussel.

This joint supplement is particularly rich in nutrients that are essential for joint health, including omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants.

These components work together to support maintenance of healthy inflammation levels, support cartilage health, and overall joint function, making Lifespan's Green Lipped Mussel Oil a comprehensive joint supplement for maintaining healthy joints.