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Experience unparalleled quality with Lifespan's Green Lipped Mussel powder Supplements, sourced directly from our New Zealand farms. Our unique freeze-drying process transforms freshly harvested mussels into a premium, farm-to-capsule joint health solution.

Experience marine-sourced joint support in every dose.
Ben Winters Lifespan NZ Freeze Dryer

About the Author

Ben Winters, a key member of the Aroma NZ team, brings an exceptional blend of experience and expertise to the world of marine supplements. With a hands-on approach spanning from sustainable farming practices to advanced freeze-drying techniques, Ben ensures that Aroma NZ's green lipped mussel powder, a globally sought-after product, maintains the highest standards. His deep involvement in every stage, from farm to final product, not only reflects his commitment to quality but also provides him with unique insights that enrich the content of his blogs, making them an invaluable resource for anyone interested in natural health solutions.

Ben Winters