Our range of natural and nutritious products for dogs are all 100% natural and contain essential vitamins and minerals for a healthier, longer life. With no artificial additives or grains, NutrEats and NutrEats Vitals are products you’ll feel good about giving.

Our natural, freeze-dried protein treats are all sustainably harvested and packaged in New Zealand. Irresistibly delicious and packing a powerful nutritious punch, these are the treats you’ll feel good about giving.

NUTREATS Green Lipped Mussels

Contains nutrients that may help combat the onset of arthritis

NUTREATS Beef Trachea

Maintain joint health, plus cleaner, healthier teeth…


Rich protein that helps rebuild and repair tissue…

NUTREATS Fish Cartilage

Strong teeth and bones, plus more mobile joints…

NUTREATS Sheep Liver

Easy-to-digest protein alternative for sensitive dogs…

NUTREATS New Zealand Venison

Rich vitamin and mineral protein for dogs of all ages…

Introducing the NutrEats Vitals range of easy-to-give, natural feed supplements. Whatever stage of life your dog is at, each product contains potent oils, vitamins and micronutrients to help them stay in tip-top condition.

NUTREATS Vitals Puppy Prime

Multi-vitamin feed supplement for healthy young dogs

NUTREATS Vitals Bone Builder

Calcium-rich feed supplement for optimum mobility

NUTREATS Vitals Skin, Coat & Mobility

Omega-rich feed supplement with green-lipped mussel oil

NUTREATS Vitals Hip & Joint

Omega-3 feed supplement to help maintain your dog’s hip and joint health

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We value your feedback…

“I’ve been really impressed with the quality of these products – both in terms of their beneficial effects and how they look on shelf. They’ve been flying out of my stores.”
Geoff Bowers, KURI
“It’s great to know these products have originated here in beautiful New Zealand. Enhancing my diet with your products has definitely improved my day-to-day wellbeing. Thank you Lifespan!”
Shane Grace
“By taking Green Lipped Mussel Extract I feel like my muscles are able to recover more quickly and my body doesn’t feel as achy. I prefer natural anti-inflammatories as they don’t have side effects and work just as well for me. They are easy on my digestive system.”
Kiri Atkin, NZ triathlete


We have a long-standing reputation for providing high quality products for you and your loved ones…



Our commitment to product research and testing results in exceptional quality control and superior products…



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